0.2 Signing up

Welcome back, this is the part in which I explain how to sign up for facebook and get started in farmville, if you already have a farmville farm there is probably nothing new for you here. Since farmville is a social game, it was developed for facebook and if you want to play the game you need a facebook account. A social game is a game which allows you to interact with other players.

Even if that is not your main aim in the game because you might be more interested in farming alone, other players are a key to success in farmville, so you need a facebook account to play and you should invite other people to play the game with you as your neighbors. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to play the game with your actual real life friends, who might not be that interested in a farming game.

First of all you need to give your email address to facebook and tell them your first and last name, your gender and your date of birth. Then you need to type in a password that is easy to remember for you but impossible to figure out for someone else to prevent your account from being hacked. One of the easiest ways to create complicated passwords that you can easily remember is by using a sentence and shortening it by only using the initial letters of words and typing numbers for some of them.

So the sentence “I created this facebook account on the 11th of January.” will turn into Ictfaot11oJ. Noone but you will probably try this to get into your account (except if you use the exact same password that I just told you, of course). 😉 After that a security check follows that shows you two blurry words that you need to type in to prove that you’re a human being, not a computer program creating fake accounts. You need to go to your Email next and click on the registration link there. You don’t have to give all the information can be entered next but you can also skip the steps and use your profile right away. If you want to give additional information about yourself later, you can always do so.

One more word of advice to those of you who have no facebook account yet: it might be a good idea to use a new email account to sign up because facebook will send you lots of emails about your activity unless you disable notifications. If you have a limit on the number of emails your account can receive at a time you might exceed that quite fast. If you want to use your regular email address and avoid getting lots of emails from facebook, you can go to account “my account” and click on the notifications tab. Uncheck most of the boxes to reduce the amount of emails facebook sends to your email account and save changes in the end. If you are worried about strangers reading or using your personal information you can go to the “privacy settings” on the account and click “customize settings” and set “friends only” for everything or even choose which friends can see your email, address, and phone number if you put it on facebook (which you don’t have to, I don’t).

Moving on: now you have a facebook account and all you need to start playing farmville is going to the games section and choose “farmville”. When you load the game for the very first time there will be a welcome message and your farm will already have some crops planted, so it might make sense to think about your timing before you start playing. I recommend starting in the afternoon after work or school, since the strawberries growing on your farm take 4 hours to ripen and will wither after another 4 hours. So it is a good idea to start playing at a time that lets you check back again 4 hours later.

© Conny Streit, 2011.

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