6 New Collections – how to get them and turn them in for rewards

Collections and collectibles used to be a very important part of playing farmville since the rewards for the regular collections were so good. All seems to have changed since May 6th 2011. Now collections are only a way to get a few extra XP (50 for level 1, 100 for level 2 and 150 for a level 3 collection) and a way to achieve the “cunning collector” ribbon. Completing 100 collections will get you 1400 additional XP and another 18,500 coins. In addition to the XP you get small coin rewards that go up as you progress in the levels (500 for level 1, 1.000 for level 2 and 1.500 for level 3). There are also small additional rewards that differ from one collection to the next and change as you progress in level. The first additional reward is a consumable like fuel, fertilizer, arborists or additional coins. Further additional rewards are decorations, animals or buildings. I will walk you through all the collections and tell you which collectibles are in them, how to get them and which objects you can get as additional rewards for them. Since the collections are likely to change again, as was hinted when they were released, I will update this as soon as the collections change again.

From level 10 onwards you may already have noticed that sometimes when you work on your farm in farmville you get a quick message that pops up over your neighbors bar and tells you that you found a fruit bar or another object while harvesting berries for example. If the collectible is uncommon or rare, you will get the chance to share it with your neighbors at once by posting it. You should always do that, since that way maybe they can complete one of their collections, which will give you in turn the chance to pick up one of their collectibles from the feed when they turn it in and share it. You can do that too, as soon as you have a collection completed (it will give you the option to click on the green “turn in” sign or you can get to the collections screen if you click on the collection icon in your menu for achievements, collections and masteries in the middle, at the bottom left-hand corner of your control panel). I know there are some neighborhoods that form in-clubs to share their collections (which can go from alerting friends on chat that you will share a collection up to publishing the collection only to yourself and then copying and sending around the collection link only to a few “best friends”). I can’t recommend that. It’s unfair to other players and doesn’t really make much sense. Imagine everyone did that. No collectibles would be published anymore for all to see. The same goes basically for all the other goodies too. That would effectively mean that you become useless as a neighbor. In a social game it doesn’t make much sense to be only social with 5 or 10 friends. Those will soon be the only friends you have in the game.

It is also friendly to thank people when you get uncommon or rare collectibles from them or the last collectible to finish your collection. You can either thank them in their post or you can add a comment to your collection when you publish it. If you have finished several collections it is also polite to number them so feed hunters will know what to expect (1/3, 2/3, 3/3 for example).

One general observation on the collections and how to get them first off: You can find any collectible from a collection when your friends share it. It is rumored that you get the rare collectibles if you are the first person to click on it, then the uncommon ones and last the common ones. I can neither confirm nor deny these speculations, but on the whole I think it is chance which collectible you get when you click on a collection, as long as there are any left.

Uncommon and rare collectibles can be published in addition to collections. You used to be able to find rare collectibles in golden, Cornish, Scots grey, Rhode Island red or rainbow mystery eggs. Uncommon collectibles could be found in the aforementioned eggs and in black mystery eggs and brown and white mystery eggs used to contain common collectibles that can’t be gifted. On the day the collections were changed, eggs still gave you the old collectibles and since then the function was discontinued, so you don’t get any collectibles from eggs or special deliveries any more.

According to the official farmville blog, new collectibles can only be received through the feed, or from harvesting actions on the types of animals, crops or trees specified in the collection title, regardless whether these are inside buildings or harvested using consumables such as arborists or farmhands. Greenhouse crops and English countryside crops will also yield appropriate collectibles, as do limited edition crops such as the pink carnations. There is another way to get common collectibles, by asking your friends. You can send out help requests for all the collectibles that you weren’t able to find harvesting. There is a preselected group of friends available in the tab if you choose to ask for collectibles. At first the function homed in on non-players, like the pregnant pigs and the snowman. This time you don’t have to post on your friends’ walls at least, but only send them a request. It is doubtful whether they’ll send you things if they have stopped playing though. So now the function seems to have been revised and just selects a large group of random neighbors who you can ask for collectibles.

I will now go through the new collections one by one and tell you how to get them.

The first collection is the berries collection and collectibles for it can be found harvesting berries. You don’t have to look for them, they just appear in your collection inventory and you get a message over the neighbor’s bar if you find one. You need 3 each of the common collectibles, fruit bar, sorbet and preserves, two each of the uncommon collectible dried berries and one rare berry basket to complete the collection and be able to turn it in for a reward. So there is another extra motivation for planting straspberries now. In addition to the new regular aforementioned XP and coin rewards you get a fertilize all for completing the first berries collection, a berry crate for the second one and another decoration, a white cherry blossom tree for level 3.

The collectibles for the citrus collection can be gathered when you harvest from citrus trees. So it is always a good idea to keep some trees on your farm, not only because they look nice, but also because they yield collectibles. It makes sense to choose profitable trees and put them into orchards. You might find other guides that tell you that you have to harvest your trees by hand without arborists to find collectibles or that you should harvest at least 200 trees at once with arborists while also harvesting one by hand to get the most collectibles. Zynga have put an end to all the rumors now, stating that regardless of the use of buildings or consumables, your chances of finding collectibles will be the same for all the harvesting actions. Citrus trees are not the most profitable trees though. But if you want to master trees, it may make some sense to get a few appropriate trees from the market, for example when you do the tree quest for the English countryside anyway, and put them all into an orchard that you harvest separately once you have the number of trees that you want. I always delete mystery seedlings from that orchard and don’t grow them up, since that would be a waste of watering cans to me. The citrus collection needs 3 each of the common bubble gum, juicer and sherbet, two uncommon fruit wedges and one rare citrus peel to complete. Level 1 gives you arborists, level 2 the citrus arch and level 3 the zesty pony that can have zesty foals if there is a stallion in your stable.

The third collection is the cows collection, so it makes sense to keep 5 fully expanded dairy barns full of cows on each or your farms to get the collectibles. You need 3 each of the common cowbells, milking buckets and milking stools, 2 uncommon milk bottles and one rare “more cowbells”. For turning in a level one collection you get additional fuel, level 2 gives you a flower cow topiary and in level 3 you get the rainbow cow that may have rainbow calves once you put her into a dairy barn with a bull and harvest that.

You gather collectibles for the flowers collection when you harvest any flower crop. To complete it you need 3 each of the common corsage, hummingbird and dried petals, 2 uncommon butterflies and one rare pollen. For level 1 you get additional coins, level 2 gives you a flower basket and level 3 brings you a flowery cow that is also breedable in your dairy barn.

The grains collection can be gathered from harvesting grain crops and you need 3 each of the common grindstone, scythe and bran, 2 uncommon chaff and one rare flour to complete it. In level one you get additional coins, level 2 gives you the wheat scarecrow and level 3 a building, the spring water mill.

The last collection is the squash collection that can be gathered from harvesting any squash crops. It consists of 3 each of the common pumpkin seeds, stuffed pasta and decorative gourds, 2 uncommon yerba mate and one rare sitar. Arborists are your additional reward for completing a level 1 collection, level 2 gets you a gourd gnome and level 3 will give you a pig pumpkin.

To sum up, the new collections have continued the trend seen in the former limited collections. They are buyable with farmcash, give you mainly decorations instead of fuel, coins and XP and they will stay for a limited time only and then change, putting players under pressure to farm a lot or spend farmcash if they want to complete all the levels in time. At first they look like a much worse deal than permanent collections before. This is especially disappointing when you consider that it is possible to buy the collectibles using Farmcash. If you buy any collection instead of finding the collectibles each of the level 1 collections costs you 16 farmcash (1 farmcash for each common collectible, 2 for the uncommon ones and 3 for a rare one). If you want the achievement you may rather want to plant fitting crops while they last and get the appropriate animals and trees.

There is one positive side to the new collections, however: if you manage to get collections again and again beyond level 3 they will loop, continuing to yield more coins and XP for the higher levels. You will need more and more collectibles to complete them though. But it is still possible to receive a lot of additional XP and coins from collections and if you put a lot of time and effort into it you can even get them up beyond the point that used to be the regular reward for collections.

7 Ribbons – which ones to achieve as soon as possible

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