7 Ribbons – which ones to achieve as soon as possible

The achievements in farmville are a very important part of the game if you want to progress fast and one that many players overlook. In the parts on neighbors, crops, animals and collections I have already mentioned some of the ribbons you can collect in the game and how much XP and coins you can get for completing the achievement. There are always four ribbons that are part of each of the achievements, yellow, white, red and blue. The demands for the ribbons rise as you progress, so the blue ribbon is the hardest to achieve. The rewards vary for each of the ribbons, from merely 425 XP and no coins for the pretty garden, to 1,850 XP and 18,000 coins for the architect ribbons. Sometimes you will get additional animals, trees, decorations and bunches of flowers, too.

There are some achievements that you will complete without doing anything but your daily tasks at your farm. These are the “high roller”, the “pretty penny” and the “cream of the crop” achievements, for example. You will always try to make the best profit on your farm so the “high roller” ribbons are inevitable as you make money by harvesting ripe crops, animals and trees. The “pretty penny” is the achievement for spending the coins again but since all the things you can buy for money are at the market there is nothing really special about that either. Just don’t fritter too much money away on unproductive things at the start since buying the expansions that will make your farm a lot more productive already costs a lot more than the money you need to spend to get this achievement. “Cream of the crop” is also straightforward, you get it for harvesting the first 25,000 plants.

The “Knock on wood” and the “Zoologist” ribbon on the next page are connected to harvesting 5,000 trees and animals. Since those will take some time, you should choose mostly more profitable kinds that harvest quite often to achieve those fast. The “architect” achievement to own 30 buildings and place them on your farm will be covered in more detail when I discuss buildings, you might be able to achieve it with a few functional and otherwise with free buildings you find in mystery eggs. You should not attempt the main part of it before level 16, when you can build the storage cellar that will let you store some of the buildings you might like to keep for later. There is no need to buy buildings just for this achievement. The “pack rat” achievement under it is also best left until you have some room in your storage cellar if you can keep the decorations you get from mystery eggs and mystery gifts in your gift-box long enough.

The next achievement I haven’t mentioned in any of the other parts yet is the “tree hugger” achievement. You get a total of 180 XP and 18,000 coins and 4 trees for harvesting 15 different kinds of trees. So it makes sense to try to collect different trees right from the start, even if they aren’t very profitable by themselves. As soon as you have harvested the less profitable kinds once or, if you don’t want to have to keep a list what you already had, keep one each of the trees until you have your blue ribbon, it shouldn’t take very long and remember not to buy unprofitable trees just for this. With the many different kinds of trees you can gift and find in mystery gifts and on the feed you should be able to get this without having to buy trees at all.

The “not spoilt, gifted” achievement is relatively easy to get by keeping gifts you receive in your gift-box at first. You need 21 different gifts in your gift-box at the same time for the blue ribbon. With 50 or more neighbors it is possible to get this one on your first or second day in the game, just accept all the gifts you get and leave them in your box until you have 21 different ones. You will get another 18.000 coins and 180 XP for this and 4 decorations, one for each ribbon you get.

Flower power, vegetable virtuoso and foremost fruit farmer are awarded for harvesting your first 10.000 flowers, vegetables and fruits. You will probably get the fruit farmer achievement first if you concentrate on growing lots of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries whenever you have the time. For flowers and vegetables it is also worth looking at crops for special events that don’t take long to grow and might also give you more coins and/or XP than the regular ones. You receive another 18,500 Coins and 1,400 XP for each of these achievements, it is not worth it to grow unprofitable crops just to get these achievements faster, though. You will eventually get them anyway and with the co-ops later there are many opportunities to grow more vegetables and flowers and get additional rewards. All the ribbons from here onwards get you the same reward if I don’t mention anything else.

King of Compost is an achievement for harvesting 600 fertilized crops. You can’t influence it directly because you can’t make your neighbors come and fertilize but if you have chosen 50 active neighbors they should come round to your farm now and then to fertilize. In addition to that you can get a “fertilize all” as a reward for visiting neighbors or pick one up on the feed when someone is sharing. As soon as you have a beehive complete with 200 bees you will also get a free “fertilize all” about every three days from that so you can fertilize your crops yourself when they are ready to harvest and haven’t been fertilized much. You get 1,175 XP and the usual 18,500 coins for this achievement.

They of mystery is connected to buying 30 mystery boxes at the market, so it might be the one achievement that you don’t get at all if you don’t want to spend real money on playing farmville. I got mine from the harvest surprise gifts that were part of the thanksgiving event. You can look out for events that give you boxed presents, maybe they will count for this as well. What I did do before that was buy 2 mystery crates when a white stallion was in them. I got mine in the second crate and it counted for the first ribbon. You may also consider buying a few mystery boxes when they give you an animal or object that you really want if you have enough free farmcash from leveling up.

The “Fenced in” and “Baled out” ribbons are awarded for placing 250 fences and haybales on your farm. It is worth doing as soon as you can spare the money after having expanded your farm and crafting building to the biggest size possible. There are screencasts that will tell you to place lots of haybales on your farm and sell them again to level fast, which is not efficient any longer since you can spend your money on large expansions and useful animals such as the saddleback pigs and the belted cows now. Nevertheless the additional reward for the first 250 haybales makes placing them once a good idea. It’s up to you whether you want to just get it over with and place 250 regular haybales only for the achievement and sell them right after you got it or whether you use colored haybales to design a flag, cartoon character or landscape on your farm. There are lots of great ideas in the landscaping section of the official forum and also groups on facebook dedicated to this, so you might want to look around before you decide what to do. Placing the fences isn’t really worth it if you buy them just for the ribbon, but you may get together with a few neighbors who also need the ribbon and exchange fences as gifts in order to get enough. You can either use the storage cellar to keep them until you need them or leave them on the request page for up to two weeks before you accept them if you don’t want them to clutter up your gift box. At the moment the best free fence to get the ribbon is the black iron fence since it will sell for 30 coins afterwards. Whitewash and picket fence only get you 15 coins each.

The “Lord of the plow” and “Need for seed” ribbons are connected to using vehicles to plow and seed 10,000 plots. Thus the tractor and seeder are probably the first vehicles you want to get for your farm. I’m going to get back to this in the section on buildings, vehicles and Co-op farming.

The “Cracked” achievement is for opening 150 mystery eggs so you should get it quite fast if you feed your neighbors’ chickens every day. The “cat lady” ribbon was already mentioned in the animal section, you get it for brushing 250 cats so at the start try to adopt every kitty and keep the ones you find in mystery gifts until you have completed this achievement.

“Egg-cellent discovery”, “Horse power”, “Gearhead” and “Bountiful Beekeeper” are only achievable with your own chicken coop, horse stable, garage and beehive and will be discussed in more detail in the buildings section. You need to find 100 eggs or items to get them or upgrade vehicles 30 times. The “Bountiful Beekeeper” and Gearhead achievement are different from the other two in that you get only 425 XP.

The cunning collector achievement is for completing 100 collections. You will find more on this in the section on collections.

There are 3 achievements each connected to co-op farming and to crafting. They will also be explained in the sections on these topics.

The third to last achievement is one that you don’t need to get in a hurry, the “Style maven” ribbons are awarded for buying 40 clothing items. Since that many will cost you farmcash as well as large amounts of coins, this is one ribbon to approach with care. Buying clothes you like for your character and wearing them is one thing, it makes sense if it makes the game more enjoyable for you. But spending huge amounts of money on clothes only to get this achievement completed doesn’t make much sense, if you buy other useful items you’ll get XP and money faster. The last achievement makes a lot more sense to get fast, since you won’t have to spend any money to get it. “Looking Fresh” is awarded for changing your avatar’s clothes once a day twenty times (not necessarily in a row). I started changing shoes first but since they are less visible it’s harder to keep track so I switched to changing shirts, which will probably remind you of changing it if you choose a color you usually wouldn’t like while you’re away.

I hope you have found some ideas on what to do to get the achievements you still need here.

8 Expansions – ways to gain even more XP fast AND Problems – what to do if something doesn’t work

© Conny Streit, 2011


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    Have a look at my Farmville blog you can make millions of coins:


    • lcr1tter says:

      So your goal in the game is making as many coins as possible? I guess you’re just keeping the coins from the cows for now, I usually spend mine, was only saving for the last 2 months until it became clear that the new 28×28 expansion is “only” 4 million, so I spent my other 32 million on belted cows, too. 😉

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