9.2 Functional buildings – what to get next: animal trough, chicken coop, dairy barn, horse stable and beehive

The next building you will probably want to buy in farmville is the animal trough. It takes the same space as 36 calves, costs only one coin, can be bought at the market from level 1 and has the function to attract wandering animals to your farm so you can adopt them. You have to fill your animal trough with 20 scoops of animal feed to make it ready to attract animals. You can receive feed from your neighbors when they visit, when you fill their troughs visiting them, collect it off the feed or ask for more on the feed. A new animal appears within 24 hours of filling your trough. If you don’t come back to your farm in time to collect it, it will leave the trough again. This loses you the chance to adopt it and 2 scoops of feed. Once you have found a wandering animal, the building shows the pink “ready” cone and all the feed is consumed. You can then take the animal out of the trough by clicking on it and publish the event so your neighbors can collect animals, too. To attract another animal you need to re-fill your trough.

The second functional building in farmville was the chicken coop, allowing you to store 20 of your chickens inside and harvest them with one click. Since the coop takes the same space as 15 chickens, it makes sense to buy one once you have 15 or more chickens and can spare the 5,000 coins it costs. Since you should try to expand your farm at first, you will probably buy the coop and other buildings about after you have expanded your farm to the Plantation with 20×20 plots. After that expanding becomes harder and takes longer because the coins required to expand increase considerably. After you have placed your chickens in the coop you will notice that it has the option to expand the coop inside. You can ask 10 friends to help with this by publishing it and they will receive coins for clicking on the link, helping you expand your coop to the size “big” that holds 40 chickens, and three times more up to the size “super” that holds 100 chickens. Only when you have a full super coop does it make sense to sell chickens you find in eggs. The more chickens there are in your coop, the higher the chance to find mystery eggs inside. So always keep your coop full when you leave your farm. Don’t take out chickens with a lower level unless you replace them by chickens of a higher level. Some neighbors of mine have taken out more than half of their chickens, because they think they aren’t special enough to get the really good mystery eggs. This is not sensible. If you take out chickens, the chance to find mystery eggs at all decreases for you and your neighbors. It’s always better to find a regular white mystery egg that might contain XP or a collectible than no egg at all. For the “Egg-cellent discovery” achievement you have to find 100 eggs in your own chicken coop. This will give you 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins, so using a chicken coop also makes lots of sense if you want to gain XP fast.

The first functional building in the game was the dairy farm that you can use to store and harvest cows. A regular dairy farm costs 10,000 and can hold up to 20 cows or 19 cows and one bull. Since the bull will give you a lot more coins than the cows at first it makes sense to put it into the dairy farm as soon as you can. The dairy farm takes the same space as 7,5 cows so as soon as you have a bull and 7 cows and can spare the 10,000 coins it costs it makes sense to buy one. You will also notice that the diary farm can be expanded to hold 30 cows when it is “big” and 40 when it is “huge”. The expansion works the same way as expanding your chicken coop. Just publish the message that you need the help of 10 neighbors and the first 10 people to click on it will receive coins for helping with your barn raising. The dairy farm can also be used for breeding calves if a bull is inside.

Another building for animals that is also constructable is the horse stable. It takes the same space as 15,75 horses or ponies and can also be used for breeding foals if a stallion is in the stable. Since you have to build the stable before your horses can move in, you might want to collect building materials for it beforehand. You need 10 each of nails, bricks, wooden boards, horseshoes and harnesses to finish the basic version. Once your stable is finished your friends can pick up a foal. You can harvest horses in the stable every day instead of every three days when they are outside. It is also possible that you find a foal, XP, arborists or farmhands in the stable when you harvest it and a stallion is inside. There are sometimes stallions in the mystery boxes at the market, but the regular and free way to get a stallion is by picking up a wandering stallion from your neighbors’ feed and putting it into your stable for the night. This will also give you an additional 80 coins for harvesting the stallion when you collect from the stable.

When you have moved your horses into the stable you will see the option to expand the stable. In order to increase the storage by 5 horses you will need 10 of each of the building materials again to expand. There are 4 expansions until the horse stable can hold up to 40 horses. It becomes more likely to find things in your stable as it gets bigger. So expanding your horse stable makes lots of economic sense and increases your chance to find things in your stable, getting you closer to the “Horse power” achievement. For 100 items you find in your horse stable you will get 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins.

The beehive is also constructable and requires a queen bee before you can put any bees into it. To complete the building you need 5 times 10 each of the building materials, nails, bricks, wooden boards, beeswax and smokers. Since it takes the space of one plot and can be harvested for 600 coins when there are 200 bees inside, the beehive is quite profitable and you can get a free “fertilize all” about once every three days which gets you additional XP for each one of your plots that hasn’t been fertilized before. In addition to that bees can pollinate seeds which gets you 100 XP and the seeds are marked as pollinated in the market for 2 days. They are more likely to produce bushels when you harvest them and are more resistant, taking a little bit longer before they wither. The queen bee can take some time to find, but I still recommend you try to get it for free instead of paying farmcash for it. The queen bee will be more likely to be found on your own flowers when you harvest them or in neighbors’ flowers when you fertilize them. Sometimes you will also see queen bees on the feed that friends have found and share. Once you have found your queen bee you can share it too, you can even find more than one to help your friends. Some players have reported that their game has slowed down while they still needed their queen bee, because of the extra calculations that the server runs while you harvest and fertilize. This has put some people off beehives altogether. I still think they are worth a little trouble and have been spared big issues because of the beehive myself. I recommend you try it for yourself. There is even an achievement connected to the beehive now, the “bountiful beekeeper”. Finding the first 100 fertilizer bags in your beehive gets you 425 XP and 18,500 coins altogether.

9.3 Decorative and other functional buildings – some more that make sense and a few that look good

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