9.3 Decorative and other functional buildings – some more that make sense and a few that look good

There are no achievements connected to the nursery barn, duck pond and pig pen yet, but they make sense to build and use in farmville nevertheless. The nursery barn takes the same space as the horse stable so you might not want to cram it full of calves since they would only take a third of the space to keep normally. But you can use the nursery barn to grow calves and foals into new breeds. All pony foals will grow up into light blue ponies, percheron, clydesdale and cream draft foals will grow into cream draft horses, mini foals will become cream mini horses and all the other foals grow up into black horses that can be harvested for 84 coins. Calves can grow up into Holstein cows or chocolate cows. Most calves grow up into Holstein cows that can be harvested for 12 coins, which isn’t a lot when you consider that you can also find brown, longhorn and groovy cows that can be harvested for that or pink cows that give you 18. Fan, kelly green, Neapolitan, Simmental, pink patch, green and pink calves will grow up into chocolate cows though that can be harvested for 80 coins and put in the dairy farm. I always use pink calves to grow up into chocolate cows since they are by far the most common of the rarer calves. The nursery barn needs 10 each of 5 building materials to build, bricks, wooden boards, nails, blankets and bottles. It can be expanded with the same building materials too, you need 10 of each of the materials again for the first and second expansions, which will each give you room for 10 additional baby animals, up to 40 in total.

The duck pond is constructable as well and can hold 20 ducks or swans, 5 of which are put on display on it, looking like they swim. The pond takes as much space as 36 ducks but it can be harvested every day so it is a good source for collectibles (dapple plume from ducks and banded quill from swans), coins and ducklings. Constructing the duck pond requires 5,000 coins for the building site and 20 watering cans and 20 times 2 shovels. If you fill the pond with 10 swans and 10 ducks for example, you will make 23,1 coins per plot per hour, not counting in the money and XP for completing additional collections.

The pig pen takes the same space as 42 pigs and it can be expanded twice to hold up to 40 pigs. The pigs can be harvested every day instead of every other day outside the pen as well. Putting piglets into the pen is possible but doesn’t make much sense at first glance since they can be harvested every day outside anyway. But since they can find black truffles that are most likely to give you a strawberry pig as a reward that sells for 15,000 coins, I put them into mine. The pigs that really make sense in the pig pen in my opinion are saddleback pigs. As soon as you have saddleback pigs inside, the pig pen gets you twice the profit without spending more money since you can harvest them every day. The truffle hunt function can be used every other day and you need to feed your pigs slop to make them hunt. You can make the slop yourself from bushels at your market stall that you don’t need any more. You needn’t buy slop at the market for farmcash since you can also pick up bushels from friends to make slop if you don’t have any spare bushels yourself. You can also get extra slop from the feed if your friends publish it. To find better truffles than brown ones you need to use farmcash pigs from the market or piglets and saddleback pigs or pig pen reward pigs that are special such as strawberry pigs. White, hot pink and pot belly pigs find white or gold truffles that will get you more coins or fuel, but the most valuable reward, strawberry pigs, only come from brown and black truffles, so you needn’t put the pigs that find other truffles into you pig pen. You can only find truffles at your friends’ farms and publish the truffles for them on their wall, you can’t keep the truffles yourself. But you can pick up pigs as rewards when your friends use the truffles to get them and you can get truffles posted by your friends on your wall. Since you can get those from your neighbors’ truffle hunts as well, you don’t have to build your own pig pen in a hurry. But if you get one strawberry pig from each truffle hunt from the brown or black truffles your neighbors send back to you, you can sell it and make 119 coins an hour per plot your pig pen covers, just by selling that one pig, that is a rather good deal.

The storage cellar makes sense as well: It only takes the space of 4 chickens and can be placed along the edge of your farm, or next to your farmer to trap it, not taking away any space to grow crops. You have to be at least level 16 to buy it. It costs only 1 coin and can store up to 500 objects when it is fully expanded. The cellar becomes larger as you add shovels and you can redeem points for goodies. This is one of the ways to get a free tractor. The old tractor you can get from the cellar will plow 4 plots just like a regular tractor that you buy at the market. It won’t cost you money unless you buy shovels for farmcash. But that’s not necessary. You can ask your friends to send you shovels and they will get good rewards such as 1,000 coins, 20 XP, fuel or a mystery gift. Once you place the storage cellar, it can never be removed from your farm. You can of course move it around, but it is a permanent addition.

One more building that I will also mention in the next section on vehicles is the garage. It can be built using the regular building materials, bricks, boards and nails and it can hold your vehicles once it is completed. Its main purpose is upgrading your vehicles though, in my opinion. Before garages were introduced the only way to get vehicles to farm more than 4 plots at once was receiving better ones as rewards for co-ops or buying hot rod vehicles at the market for 55 farmcash each. Now you can upgrade all your tractors, seeders and harvesters in the garage to cover up to 16 plots at once. There even is an achievement connected to this. Upgrading vehicles 30 times will get you another 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins. The garage can hold up to 20 vehicles and can be bought at level 22. At level 26 your regular vehicles can be fully upgraded. The combine that lets you harvest, plow and plant with one click is available from level 31 and can be fully upgraded at level 41. You can ask your neighbors to send you vehicle parts for them and collect them on the feed.

All the other buildings except for the orchards, market stalls and crafting buildings that I will discuss separately are for decorative purposes only, in my opinion. Even the garden shed that comes with 10 perfect bunches of flowers and lets you collect 30 inside before you place them on your farm is not necessary to get the “Pretty Garden” achievement, you can get that easily by collecting bunches off the feed. Before saddleback pigs and belted cows were introduced, buying and selling villas was on of the “secrets” how to progress fast in the game without too much extra work. Now buildings have lost that function since there are much more expensive expansions that will also give you more space for plots and buildings and the pigs and cows will get you additional coins.

The architect achievement is awarded for placing 30 buildings on your farm and gets you another 1,400 XP and 18,500 coins. After you get the blue ribbon, you are free to remove the ones you don’t really need, of course. So it makes sense to wait until you get the storage cellar at level 16 to be able to store the buildings you might want to keep for later. But functional buildings can’t be stored, neither can villas, tool sheds or barns. Lots of the farms in my neighborhood have several “useless” buildings, just so they look nice. You should go with what you think is right for you there.

10 Vehicles and decorations – what you need to have fun and what gets in the way

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