3 Crops revisited

In the sections on crops and seeds in the first part of this guide to farmville I have covered all the crops available then up to level 30 and how you calculate whether a crop is profitable. You can also find a link to one of the lists of crops, trees and when they are ready to harvest in my blog. Special hybrid seeds are covered in the section on the greenhouse in the first part as well. Here I want to discuss new regular crops and crops after level 30, focusing on the most profitable ones and on the ones that give you the most XP.

With the introduction of the English countryside, the properties of cotton have been changed, it is now ready to harvest in only 12 hours. This has made it the most profitable regular crop in the game, at 9,8 coins per hour.

Along with the greenhouse, 3 new regular crops were introduced,golden poppies, jalapenos and leeks. Golden poppies can be planted from level 6 onwards, but they give you little XP since they grow for a day and they only get you 2,7 coins an hour, which is less than peppermint. But they are more profitable than soybeans at least while they give you the same XP. Jalapenos is an 8 hour crop that only gives you 4,4 coins per hour, but since you aren’t spoilt for choice in level 16, when you can first plant it, it is better than pumpkins as an 8-hour crop until tomatoes come along at level 20. Leeks can be planted at level 19 and is a 16 hour crop that will give you more XP than rhubarb, coffee and pattypan squash and more money than those and zucchinis, 6.9 coins per hour. So planting leeks makes sense if you need a 16 hour crop until you reach level 37 that will give you the even better asparagus.

At level 31 you get sugar cane that is more profitable than tomatoes and your new 8 hour crop. The peas that you get at level 32 used to be the ultimate crop for those who can check their farm only once a day. It grows for a day, gets you 3 XP when you plant it and it is more profitable than grapes. Level 33 brings yellow melons that are worth more than watermelons when you can’t check your farm for 4 days. The onions at level 34 are less profitable than cotton and get you only one XP in 12 hours. At level 35 you can grow lilies that look beautiful but they give you less XP and money than peas that also grow for a day. The other new crop is broccoli that is more profitable than cabbage and also grows for two days. Level 36 gives you acorn squash that makes less money than the green tea that you already have which also grows for 10 hours. Asparagus at level 37 is more profitable than leeks and also grows for 16 hours. Purple poppies are a new flower that grows for 8 hours at level 38. It gets you only 2,9 coins per hour like pumpkins so it’s only worth planting in a spa co-op. Growing sugar cane makes a lot more sense. At level 39 you get elderberries that will also give you 2 XP in 12 hours like cotton but they only give you 5 coins an hour, so cotton is still a lot better. Purple pod peas also make little sense. They grow for the same 24 hours as the peas that you need to master to be able to plant them but they are less than half as profitable at 3,1 coins per hour. Level 41 is the first level that doesn’t give you a new crop but as more and more permanent crops are introduced this may change, so keep your eyes open. At level 42 you have ginger as a new crop. It is the first crop to take 18 hours to grow. At 7,5 coins per hour it is quite profitable, too. The cucumbers at level 43 make little sense to grow, they take a day but get you less XP and considerably less money than peas. At level 44 you get the first flowers that grow for only 4 hours, columbine, but they are less profit than blueberries. Iris at level 45 are even worse, another 1-day-crop but with even less profit than cucumber. The purple asparagus that you can grow at level 47 if you have mastered asparagus is at 8,1 coins per hour the most profitable regular 16-hour crop in the game so far. At level 48 you get another one of the best regular crops in the game. Basil grows for 10 hours and has an average profit of 8,5 coins an hour. Lemon balm at level 50 is a 6 hour crop that earns you more money than ghost chili. The square melon at level 52 requires the mastery of both watermelon and yellow melon to unlock and it only gives you 6,9 coins an hour and 2 XP growing for a day, so peas are still better. Oats at level 53 are even more profitable than basil, 8,8 per hour over 8 hours. Posole corn at level 54 may look cool but it is only as profitable as carrots that grow for the same time and you have to master corn before you can grow any. Heirloom carrots that you can grow from level 57 onwards if you have mastered carrots are slightly more profitable than those but still make 2,7 coins less an hour than cotton and give you only one XP. At level 59 you get orange daisies if you have already mastered gladiolus, they give you the same profit as sunflowers but can’t be used for crafting. Bamboo at level 60 makes little sense to grow, it is less profitable than purple asparagus as a 16-hour-crop. At level 63 you get carnival squash as a new 8 hour crop if you have mastered pattypan squash but it is less profitable than oats. At level 64 you get a new flower that grows for 10 hours, saffron. At 7 coins per hour it is one of the most profitable flowers, but it is still a lot less profitable than basil. Clover at level 70 makes much more sense to grow although the profit is the same, 7 coins per hour. But since it only grows for 4 hours you can get more than twice as many XP in the same time with clover. Amaranth at level 76 is a 16-hour-crop that is as profitable as bamboo, but less profitable than purple asparagus that still makes more sense to grow. At level 80 you get white roses if you have mastered pink roses before but they are a typical flower in that they are less profitable even than cucumbers that also grow for a day. Forget-me-nots at level 90 grow for 18 hours like ginger and are the second most profitable regular crop in the game at the moment at 8,9 coins per hour. At level 98 you get the last regular crop in the game at the moment, electric lilies. They give you an unprecedented 4 XP when you plant them, but you only get 6,1 coins an hour, less than planting lilies. You need to have mastered orange daisies, sunflowers, white roses and lilies to unlock them, which makes them the first crop that needs 7 other masteries to unlock, since orange daisies require gladiolus that need daffodil and white roses need pink roses. The other way to unlock any of the regular crops would be by using a bushel from the farmer’s market while you plant. I’ll explain that in more detail in the second section on the farmer’s market.

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4.1 Farmer’s market – pros and cons

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