5 Fuel – how to get as much as possible for free

There is no known limit in farmville to the fuel that you can put into your tank at the same time. I have more than 13,000 tanks of fuel at my main account and more than 6,000 tanks here at the guide account at the moment, you should be able to fit in a lot before you run into the problem that you can’t put in any more. You can see how many plots you can still use your fuel on, when you mouse over the fuel bar. A vehicle will use one unit of fuel per plot you work on, the combine that harvests, plows and plants in one click needs 3 units for each plot, so it isn’t more economic regarding fuel consumption than other vehicles but it doesn’t use more than them either and you will only have to click once instead of 3 times, so I usually use the combine. Fuel regenerates over time, I haven’t observed any difference in regeneration between half-full and full fuel tanks. The amount you can get through that depends on how many plots you have, but you can only get up to one tank of fuel, 150 units, in 24 hours. That won’t be enough to re-plant all your plots every day, let alone several times a day. So here are the ways to get as much fuel as possible for free:

You have probably already noticed that mystery eggs sometimes contain fuel, 1/5 of a tank in white ones, 1 large can in brown eggs, 10 refills in black eggs and 20 in gold, Cornish, Scots grey, Rhode Island red, Rainbow, Candy-cane and English eggs. You can collect mystery eggs off the feed or find them yourself on neighbors’ farms when you feed chickens. Since that will also give you 10 XP and 100 coins I recommend to do that every day if you can.

There are also free fuel rewards on the feed that you can collect. Every time you plow you find fuel to share. If your neighbors publish that you can collect small or large cans of fuel that will be added to your tank directly. Collecting those makes sense if you are short on fuel, but if you have collected your daily allowance of 5 you can only get 100 coins for each of the fuel rewards instead. You can also pick up free samples of goods from your friends who craft goods when they post that their crafting building is bigger now, when they post a new batch of goods that they have finished and, these are the ones that may be really worth it, when they have reached a new level on one of their goods and publish it. These will be collected in your market stall or crafting building and you can access them by opening the farmer’s market on your farm and choosing “use: trade goods for fuel”. The better the goods, the more fuel you will get in exchange for them. Once you can start crafting at level 25, you can make your own goods and trade them in for fuel, too. Since I’m going to talk about crafting in another section of the guide, let me just say that it is definitely worth the time and effort in my opinion, so I recommend you do it. The new craftshop lets you make cans of fuel, too.

Another way to get free fuel is by fertilizing your neighbors’ farms. When you fertilize you will find fuel on some of the farms you visit and it is always nice to leave a post on your neighbors’ wall that they can collect when you do. In order to be able to collect fuel that your neighbors find on your farm, you have to allow them to publish on your wall. If you have inadvertently turned off the option, go to account: privacy settings and choose customize settings. In “things others share” you have to tick the box “enable” next to “Friends can post on my wall”. Neighbors can also post special deliveries to your wall that contain fuel if you don’t need building materials or bees and are low on fuel. You can also get fuel from truffles that neighbors can post on your wall. When you trade them in the reward can be coins, building materials, fuel or a pig. If you have a pigpen yourself and post truffles that your pigs find to a neighbor’s wall, they can give you truffle in return by posting on your wall, that you can trade in as well.

Mystery gifts also contain fuel sometimes. So if you are short on fuel, you might try sending round mystery gifts. When your friends return them you will probably find some fuel in some of them. Another way to get fuel from gifts is the special delivery. If you aren’t building anything and don’t need any bees, the deliveries might contain fuel. Your neighbors can send you special deliveries as gifts and you might also find special deliveries posted on your wall if neighbors have visited your farm if friends can post on your wall and you aren’t building or raising anything at the moment.

Before the recent change you got 5 tanks of fuel for every regular collection you turned in, in addition to XP and coins. Now only the first level of the cows collection gives you fuel.

If you install the farmville game bar on your browser and activate it, you can pick up a large can of fuel a day if you click on “bonus”.

Sometimes there is also a free fuel week. During this week you can send small cans of fuel to friends as gifts and receive one more tank of fuel for every day you come back into your account, which will give you up to 28 free tanks of fuel if you return to your farm every day.

You can also choose fuel as a reward when friends shop at your market stall and collect bushels at your farmer’s market. Since you can also receive 10 XP instead of 15 units of fuel this is an option to get fuel that I don’t recommend.

There are two more ways to get fuel but neither of them is free. You might consider the first if you craft and want to sell your own crafted goods to your friends, since they will probably expect you to come and shop in return. So you can get fuel by buying your friends’ crafted goods and exchange them for fuel just like the free samples. You will have to spend coins on the goods but if your friends buy goods from you in return you will earn coins too, so the fuel you get this way might still be at no extra cost to you. If you want to make sure you don’t spend more than you make, buy cheaper goods from your neighbors, not the first ones you see when you open their market. Those will give you less fuel than the goods at the higher levels though. The best level of goods to trade for fuel is 20-22, before and after that you will pay more coins for each unit of fuel you get. Within the zone, a unit of fuel costs about 25 coins. You can also try to look for bargains when going through the goods your neighbors offer. The price for higher level goods only go up when the neighbors have actually produced new goods of the higher level. Before that the price of higher level goods still stays the same. This is something you can exploit by buying cheap high level limited goods for example, like old harvest candles, harvest casserole or pumpkin cider. Some of my neighbors and I still offer level 38 goods there at the price of level 18 goods, just because we made too many last year.

The last way to get fuel that is not free and that I don’t recommend at all is by spending farmcash at the market to buy it. If you try all the other ways to get fuel, you should never have to resort to this way at all.

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