8 Crafting – turning bushels into fuel and more

At level 15 you can build the craftshop in farmville. This gives you the opportunity to produce consumables such as bricks, boards, nails, bottles, fuel, lucky pennies and love potions and decorations like the pine fence or the modern table. Every recipe takes a day to finish, but the demand in bushels varies. Mastering these recipes is alike to crop or tree mastery, you can get up to 3 stars for the goods. You don’t produce goods that are sold to neighbors here, but you can receive an additional item yourself by adding neighbors as helpers for the recipe. Adding 4 neighbors gets you an additional good. Helpers receive a random bushel which unfortunately makes helping unattractive compared to collecting other rewards. But this may change since the craftshop is still under construction and can’t be used fully yet. You can build another craftshop on your English countryside farm, but it will only give you access to the same crafting area as the original craftshop and you won’t be able to produce more goods but you will be told that a recipe is in progress if you have started one on the other farm.

At level 25 you can choose another crafting building for your home farm. You can have a winery, a bakery or a spa. Check out the options and decide on the building that suits you best since you will be stuck with it once you have chosen your profession and the only way to get one of the other crafting cottages is by paying 80 Farmcash for an additional craft or deleting your building and all the goods you’ve produced in it and choose another one for 100.000 coins.

The building that makes most sense to me is the winery since it will use the most commonly grown regular crops to craft goods. The white grapes are quite good to get XP and coins over night and you can also use some of the other more profitable crops here. If you mean to grow the bushels you need for crafting yourself, the bakery and spa are not as good since the crops they need are less profitable on the whole. On the other hand if you and several neighbors follow the hints I gave you in the part on the farmers’ market, you can try and make sure there are always enough popular crafting materials for everyone to pick up while using the main part of your farm to grow the greenhouse crops that will give you most XP and coins.

After you have chosen your profession, you can click on the crafting building to start making your first goods. There is a supply of bushels for your first recipe included in the building when you place it. All recipes take 6 hours to finish. Leveling up the recipes will allow you to upgrade your building for coins, unlocking more workstations every time and usually also new recipes.

You also receive XP for crafting goods. There is an option to finish the goods instantly by paying farmcash but that doesn’t make sense since you get a lot more XP if you use the biplane to instantly grow crops (if you deem XP something you want to buy with cash at all). Buying bushels with farmcash also makes little sense since you can get bushels from your neighbors and even ask them to send you bushels that aren’t available at the moment as gifts. The other option is to start a crafting co-op that will get you the bushels for the recipe if you finish successfully.

There are three achievements connected to crafting, each gets you an additional 425 XP and 18,500 coins. “Crafty” is for crafting 250 goods, “Best buyer” is for buying 250 goods from friends and “Super salesman” is for selling 250 of your goods to friends.

To get your neighbors to come shop at your market, you can either start shopping at their markets or wait for them to buy goods from you. For me this is one of the trickier parts of crafting, I keep a list who has bought goods from me and try to return the favor whenever it is possible. It’s hard to be fair to everyone if you don’t want to write down what people paid for your goods. But I have devised a system that works quite well for me and my neighbors: I have divided the maximum price for goods, 10.900 coins or 8.720 coins earnings, by 4 and applied it to the levels of goods. This gives me 4 levels of shopping instead of 100: 1-18 is 1, 19-45 equals 2, 46-72 is 3 and above 73 equals 4. So in my system people who buy level 96 goods from me get 4 points next to their name. I can either return that by buying a good of level 73 or above, 2 goods from level 19-45 or 4 goods from level 1-18 for example.

Waiting for others to buy things from you first it may take a little longer until your goods start selling well but you don’t run the risk of spending more on shopping than you earn with your goods.

As you start out most players will be glad if you buy anything from them so it might be worth looking at the low-level goods or at limited goods such as the harvest candles further back since they are usually cheaper.

Your crafting buildings and market stalls can hold up to 200 goods before they are full. The storage area for goods you sell isn’t limited and they don’t count for the limit of 200. You can turn your stored goods into fuel by clicking on use: trade goods for fuel and you can see how much fuel you get from the good by hovering the cursor over the “use” button. Level 1 goods give you fuel for 30 plots and each additional level up to 20 gives you fuel for another 5 plots. From level 20 to 40 every level gives you 4 more units, from 40 to 60 3 more, from 60 to 80 2 more and from 80 to 100 1 more unit. After level 100 you can still increase the level of your product but the fuel it gives stays the same, 325 units. Since the price stays constant as well, you can still help neighbors level up their products further by buying them, but they won’t be able to get more than the 5 mastery stars at level 100.

As your crafting building grows, you can make more goods at the same time and use more advanced recipes. You can level up each good to level 100 to receive 5 mastery stars and for some players this is their long-term goal in the game.

Crafting and buying goods takes some extra time since you will be going back and forth between your own crafting building and your neighbors’ markets to pick up bushels and goods quite a bit but the XP rewards are worth it. Crafting on 6 work stations in a fully expanded crafting building gives you 300 XP for one session since making one recipe is worth 50 XP! I enjoy crafting now that I’m used to it and able to plan ahead better, by taking bushels for recipes for the next day in advance if possible.

Recently the function of goods to give you additional bonuses has finally been implemented. When you trade event goods such as the green rose water in for fuel, you receive bonus gold as well. But the fuel you receive from goods that give items is 20% less than that of normal goods of the same level.

9 The English countryside, events and quests – more crops, decorations and farm space

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