10 Breeding – the principle and the perks

I am not a real breeder in farmville. I own a few rare cows and a white and a snow stallion, but I don’t try to breed foals and calves in my stable and dairy barns several times a day like some players. Actually breeding foals and calves more than once a day can only be done if you keep lots of animals outside the dairy barn or horse stable and I think they are just not profitable enough if you do that. But breeding is not so much about making the most coins but creating your own rare animals to give away or trade. I also have a few rare pigs and sheep and sometimes breed them using love potions but I don’t spend any farmcash on potions or animals. There are several trading sites on facebook that let you connect with other breeders and exchange the links from your own rare foals and calves for those from others. In order to be able to trade links that actually work you usually have to be friends before the exchange of links, so many breeders have large neighborhoods with lots of other breeders in them. If you want more information on trading links, I can recommend this explanation on gamers unite: http://gamersunite.coolchaser.com/topics/13211-farmville-how-to-trade-items-in-farmville

Breeding foals and calves once a day is also possible if you keep your animals inside the stable and dairy barn. All you need to breed are male and female animals present, then the chance of finding a foal or calf when you collect from the building is there. To breed with cows you can put a bull into the dairy farm and if you want foals you need a stallion in your stable. Wandering stallions are free and can be collected off the feed but they will only stay for a night, one breeding, and then disappear again. If you want to breed horses several times a day, buying a stallion with farmcash is the way to go. I got my white stallion from a mystery crate. If you are looking for a stallion, keep your eyes out for the latest mystery game contents on farmville fan pages such as farmfanatic or the farmville wiki. Rare horses to breed rare foals also usually cost farmcash but they can normally be bought on the market without running the risk of spending your money on other animals that you might not want. Sometimes rare animals are also given away in the zynga lotto or you can buy them with coins or get them as rewards during some events.

As you add more animals to your stable or barn, the chances of successful breeding increase, but if you add large amounts of regular animals, chances are you will get regular foals or calves. So some breeders try to breed repeatedly with only the few animals that they really want calves or foals from. In order to be able to breed more than once a day you have to keep animals outside the building to become ready. After you have collected from the building for the first time, you have to take out all the animals that you don’t want to breed with and then add one of the ready animals from outside first, using the move tool cursor. Once the animal is in the building, it will be ready to collect from again. Now you can remove the “seeder” animal if you don’t want to breed it and then collect again. This can be repeated as many times as you have ready animals outside to add to the building when it’s empty. Breeding horses that way usually will get you the horse power achievement quite fast since you will also find XP, farmhands and arborists instead of foals. For the horse stable, horses outside that are at least 33% ready will make the horse stable ready to harvest. So you don’t need to wait for 3 days until you can breed again, but you will need to keep several horses outside the stable to be able to collect from it more than once a day.

Using this method you also make some additional coins, but the real breeders who enjoy this part of the game most usually don’t do this for the money but for the rare foals and calves they can give away or trade. They might even spend a lot of real money on buying rare animals to breed with, so if you manage to get a rare foal or calf on the feed, always thank the breeder.

To increase the chance of breeding calves and foals successfully, expand your buildings to the largest possible size and fill them with animals. Even if you don’t want to spend real money on the game and only want to breed without using farmcash you can get some animals that are more uncommon by growing up foals and calves in your nursery barn. Regular brown and gray horses will produce brown and grey foals. If you raise them in the nursery you will get black horses that produce black foals. There are also some free ponies around. Adoptable black ponies can be put into the stable and you get black pony foals. If you pick up a black pony foal and raise it in your nursery, it will grow into a light blue pony, just like all the other ponies in the nursery, and that will get you blue pony foals if you put it in your stable. Clydesdale, percheron and cream draft foals will grow up into cream draft horses if you put them in the nursery. Those will get you new cream draft foals if you put them into your stable. You can also grow up mini foals in the nursery to get new mini cream horses that will in turn breed mini cream foals. Sometimes there are rare cows and horses as rewards in events such as the holiday cow as a gift to players at Christmas 2010 or the green patch cow for the spring countdown. There were also pink patch and yellow patch cows as rewards for your valentines and spring flowers and the gagaville event let you send purple valentine cows as gifts and gave you a pink ponytail horse and a chrome cow as quest rewards. Zynga lotto was giving away red horses and cows some time ago. There is also a zesty pony as a reward for turning in the third citrus collection and two special cows for two other level 3 collections, the cows collection gets you a rainbow cow and the flowers collection will give you a flowery cow. The last way to get a rare horse for breeding without spending farmcash is by buying a silver pony for 5000 coins if you have access to an I-phone.

Rarer cows that you can get for free are the adoptable groovy cow, strawberry cow, longhorn cow and brown cow that you also find in mystery gifts sometimes. Those will produce groovy, pink, longhorn and brown calves. Pink calves can be raised in the nursery barn and turn into chocolate cows that give you 80 coins and produce chocolate calves. Other calves that turn into chocolate cows are kelly green, pink patch, simmental, tuscan and fan, but they are really all too rare to just grow up. You should keep them on your farm and display them rather than put them into the nursery. Regular, brown, groovy, Holstein, green, longhorn, Neapolitan, belted and red calves will grow into Holstein cows that give you only 12 coins. So I rather keep them on the farm as well since they are much more profit that way. Belted cows can be bought at the market for 1 million coins after reaching level 75 and I really recommend to spend your spare coins on those whenever you can since they will also give you 3000 coins a day and produce belted calves.

You can only breed one calf a day on a farm. So if you want to increase the chance of particular cows giving you calves, harvest the dairy barn you put them in first. I put all my rarer cows, fan, tuscan, groovy, holiday and some belted ones in the dairy barn that I harvest first.

You can theoretically use the breeding method that I just described above also for harvesting your nursery barn, pig pen or chicken coop several times a day. For the nursery barn this may make sense if you want to grow up a lot of baby animals. Since you don’t produce any baby animals in the chicken coop and pig pen, this is usually only done there to get extra coins but isn’t worth the effort in my opinion. But some people use the method on the dairy barn full of belted cows and become farmville billionaires that way.

When the English countryside was introduced in March 2011 sheep breeding came with it and it works a little differently from the cows and horses. You also need male and female sheep (rams and ewes) to produce offspring but they don’t turn up in the sheep pen by pure chance when harvesting any more, but you can put them into breeding suits and add love potions to increase the chance of breeding successfully. I usually use 5 love potions to make sure I get what I want instantly, since 4 only give you a 80% chance and that means one time out of 5 no offspring while you still use almost as many potions. The baby lambs will look like a mixture of their parents and to get an idea what they may be like you can watch the thought bubble when you pair the parents off for breeding. Patterns are usually determined by the ram while the ewe passes on it’s color, but mixtures of ram color and ewe pattern occur as well, so a lot of the breeding is down to luck. You will have a higher chance to produce lambs that grow into ewes, but once you get 3 ewe lambs in a row the next one is guaranteed to be a ram and vice versa. When you take the lamb out of the breeding suit, you can name it and decide whether you want to keep it and grow it up yourself or if you want to offer it to your neighbors for adoption. Pig breeding works the same way, only with sows and boars. Just as you can adopt one lamb and one piglet a day, so can your neighbors. Exchanging lambs and piglets gives you new patterns and colors without the need to spend farmcash, so I recommend you do that. I always try to offer several unusual piglets for adoption every day, since I got all my special pigs through adoption as well and want to return the favor and pay it forward. Recently levels of pig breeding have been introduced and you can earn bottles, love potions and boars with new patterns that way. This has made pig breeding my favorite, because it’s possible to make quite extraordinary pigs without spending cash.

11 FarmCash – how to get it for free and what to spend it on

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