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When I stopped playing Farmville last year I just left this page as it was at first. Now I hope I can find more time and energy to make new game guides for the games I play now.

ZeScreenRuler: A handy tool for Bubble Witch Saga and any other bubble game

Farmville Guide I: How to get to level 30 in less than 2 weeks and have fun playing

0.1 Introduction

0.2 Signing up

1 First steps – your controls and your farm, harvesting, plowing, planting

2 Neighbors – how to find them, treat them, gift to them

3.1 Crops – how to make lots of money and get XP fast

3.2 Seeds level 1 to 30

4 The feed – what to take, what to keep and what to avoid

5 Animals – which to buy and collect off the feed

6 New Collections – how to get them and turn them in for rewards

7 Ribbons – which ones to achieve as soon as possible

8 Expansions – ways to gain even more XP fast AND Problems – what to do if something doesn’t work

9.1 The greenhouse and hybrid crops – your ticket to the top

9.2 Functional buildings – what to get next: animal trough, chicken coop, dairy barn, horse stable and beehive

9.3 Decorative and other functional buildings – some more that make sense and a few that look good

10 Vehicles and decorations – what you need to have fun and what gets in the way

Farmville Guide II: How to get to level 85 in less than 3 months and have fun playing

1 Ground rules – Farm layout, productivity and beauty

2 Old neighbors and new limits – when to get rid of neighbors and find new ones and the new challenge of staying under the limit while still getting the goodies you want

3 Crops revisited

4.1 Farmer’s market – pros and cons

4.2 Unlocking crops with the farmer’s market?

5 Fuel – how to get as much as possible for free

6 Co-op farming – teaming up

7 Crop, crafting and tree mastery and orchards – signs and even more XP

8 Crafting – turning bushels into fuel and more

9 The English countryside, events and quests – more crops, decorations and farm space

10 Breeding – the principle and the perks

11 FarmCash – how to get it for free and what to spend it on

As you may have already noticed, the German translation and the audio-visual parts of the last 2 chapters are missing on youtube and I don’t have the intention of adding them any more.

Since I have stopped playing FarmVille as of today and I haven’t been working on the guide with as much time and effort in the past month, I also haven’t revised it to include the latest developments such as the end of the village quest on EC and the possibilities that has opened up, new sheep breeding, the introduction of the trading post and the crafting silo.

My reasons for leaving are largely changes in the game in directions that I see as detrimental to fun, such as pay to play and the continued releases of new content without ironing out the bugs first. Some of these have made me lose farmcash through no active conscious decisions of my own and have made me angry. So the guide will not continue to reflect the latest developments of FV as I had planned originally. But I hope it gives enough good and lasting ideas about how to play the game to the best of your abilities. I have added my general goodbye to my FV and CV neighbors on facebook that includes my post on the official CV forum.

Goodbye Cityville and Farmville neighbors

on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 5:37pm

Dear CityVille and FarmVille neighbors, I’m sad it has come to this, but I’m going to leave both games behind now that I feel the directions the developments are taking are the wrong ones. I will certainly miss you and all the fun we had together in the games, but since I also feel that the games become less and less fun in ways that I can’t do anything to change, I will take my leave. If you want to stay friends I’m happy, but I’ll also understand if you unfriend me as one more inactive neighbor. I will say some more goodbyes later, sending round a few last xmas presies. Enjoy and have fun playing. 🙂

I will include my latest review of the new Cityville release (July 11) here, if you care to read it. I’m quite certain it won’t last for long on the forum. 😉

Sorry if you consider this destructive rather than constructive feedback, but the newest release made me turn my back on CV, as I feel zynga has done a long time ago on active players.

I feel the game is going more and more into two directions that I hate it to have taken:

1. Pay to play: sometimes even without noticing why, my Citycash disappears without a trace, this morning 10 more Citycash gone without any sign or active participation on my part were the straw that broke the camel’s back for me – I’m leaving. Not only here but also in Farmville (where it is impossible to utter criticism on the forum without getting banned).

2. Ludicrously easy game goals at first have just turned purely non-sensical, obviously inviting us to do 1 to skip the more tiresome game goals. So this is my last entry here. I’m sorry to see the game has gone down the same road as Frontier only one year later, 90% abandoned accounts in my neighborhood and nothing left to recommend it any more. All the cute graphics just turn annoying when we’re forced to add another 1000 population for every expansion, making the game slow down to the point of stopping my computer dead at population 29.000.

It has become impossible to collect any bonus streaks, even 20 more people moving into a house will stop the game for 20 seconds. Connection problems with the server are almost fun by comparison. So I’m off back to non-online games until the kinks are worked out – but wait: That’s what I thought when I quit playing Frontier the same time last year and from what I hear it’s only been getting worse and worse over there. So this goodbye will probably be permanent, because I can’t see anyone seriously treating the bugs here. I filed a bug report in the middle of February on the franchise issues. So far – nada has happened to restore lost franchises or at least restore my names to my own franchises. I didn’t want to see quests that demand I harvest 300 corn – 240 tomatoes… but the problems that are seriously decreasing fun while playing dealt with. On that count I deem the development in the game a complete and utter failure.

© Conny Streit, 2012.


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